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Magickal tidbits [Jan. 11th, 2007|11:04 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

So, for those of you who do this sort of work, what little tricks/tips seem to help you ensure the desired result?  For me, I have to make sure I block the work out of my mind completely after I'm done, and do everything to "delete," any thoughts that spring up about it in the days to come.  How about the rest of you?

I'm going to cross-post this in a few places, because I've gotten to thinking about this.
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2006|10:25 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

who ever you are, whatever you do, if you like the movie 'velvet gold mine' then you automatically have no power.

p.s. liking the movie velvet gold man automatically damnes you to hades. also, the line sperating a child from an adult may by useful in some circumstances, but i feel the notion is very suspect. there are only individual egos crazy for love. if you want to be loved it's easy. first you have to know yourself, then you have fix that part of you that wants to challange people. humor others utterly, compliment them and concede to their wants. accept the images they want to portray of themselves as fact. lie and agree with them. if you do these things, while being well spoken, you will win over everyone. however, it is no real prize to sway others, for most are worthless. the right hand offers true fulfillment. only a child feels power in tricking other children into serving him. you stroke people's egos so their love for you can stroke yours. you may be more cunning, but your power is fragile and dependant on the weak need.

serve god in honesty and people will respect you. lie and serve the devil-beast and you will win some, and then creat enemies of your former victems. your social victems. it is rightious to express your true opinion even if you lose face for it. however, do not punish. god does not will you to mock the weak needs. god wants you to punish predetors who pray on the socially malleable. i will seek out clever and cunning machiavellians and assault them head on. they are not used to dealing with a strong right hand.

i vow to grow past my disgust and pretect the fearful weak needs. they may be abhorrid and uninteresting. but their lies are lies of desperation. sometimes a child is naughty, thats why you have rock and roll.

TaqiyyaCollapse )
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Narcisissm Unbound [Dec. 23rd, 2005|12:04 am]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

Yeah so, I'm sure somebody here knows about the uber-arcane death metal band Behemoth.

I just want to express my disapproval for any music that exploits any form of occultism to write lyrics, especially crappy, rehashed ones about Crowley or Sumeria. Yeah, and the vocalist is 'Nergal' (otherwise known as Adam Darski). They'd be better off just singing about killing faggots with chainsaws like every other crappy death metal band.


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Hello [Nov. 17th, 2005|01:14 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists
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Hello everyone, my name is Kristen and i just joined this community, obviously. My dad was heavily into the occult and the Golden Dawn, me mainly studied Enochian Magic. Hes passed all of this books and knowledge to me. So i hope to learn as much as he has and use it to expand my mind and spirituality. I hope some of you will add me to your friends lists. I hope i can learn something from all of you.
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Step Two Along the Path of the Magus [Sep. 4th, 2005|04:03 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

Note: Again, this is cut whole clothe from my journal.

With my last post I made comments about what the first step towards magical power is, the lesson of self-actualization. In a discussion on this matter, walkingbear summed it up as such:

"Malkuth is the sphere of self realization and self claming. You *must* take the positive step into Malkuth in order to grow as a magician, mystic or priest. Without that first, responsible, self claiming step, you can never be more than a spiritual child. Malkuth is the 10th seperoth and is the gateway to the tree. It's at the base. outside of malkuth is the klepothic pit, or realm of chaos and disorder. Anotehr way of looking at the klepoth is a realm of undefined life. That of the maleable, unformed, unexamined child. That of pure potential but no guiding influence or drive."

From here we progress to a point where modern society limits a great deal of potential. Language is the great limitation for people. You see, we live in an age where connotative use is more important than denotative meaning. The truth, however, is words are power but the why of this is often forgotten. Words are power because they have a specific meaning. Words are an expression of a concept, and it is through concepts that we understand the world around us. The very act of will working is the imposition of concept. To impose our will is to impose our vision of a concept. When we do not command the language we use, we are unable to declair our will.
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What We Are: Step One Along the Path of the Magus [Sep. 4th, 2005|04:01 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

Note: I am cutting this whole cloth from my own journal, so please keep that in mind when reading it.

Recently I made an observation in the asatruar community about a common behavior that was occurring in an "introduction" meme. I'm including this in this journal instead of wyrd_writings because the point I want to make is not specific to Heathen matters, that was simply the forum in which it was generated. Let me provide the following background information. For those who don't care about Heathen matters, bear with me a moment, as this will pass quickly.

One user added a line to the meme that asked people to respond to where they fell on what was termed the "Asatru Fault Line." This was a quip comment about being Folkish, Tribalist, Universalist, or whatever else. (If you care what any of that means, I redirect you to any number of other resources not relevant to this post.) After the addition of this point, a great number of people began to express themselves as "non-Folkish, non-Tribalist." Now, I don't give a rat's ass what their answer to this is. What they think has no bearing on me. But what I did notice was the habit of replying in the negative. It seems to me that the point I was trying to make when I commented on this observation has so far been missed. I hope that a reply I made recently will clear things up a bit. I would like to share this reply with you all. Again, there are comments about Heathenry within it, so please bear with me on that.

"But it's not just "non-Folkish," is it? The problem lies less in the language and more in the thought process, which is my point. It doesn't matter where one falls on in these catagories. What concerned me was the way so many expressed it. Sure, a lot of people disdain being called Universalist, and sometimes with good reason. Others do not, but that isn't the point. The point is that so many people defined themselves by what they are not, rather than by what they are. To Hel if there isn't a term for it. If there isn't, explain what you are. Terminology is only a short cut to expression of defined ideas. Where that short cut doesn't exist, the idea itself needs to be expressed.

For example: Any hypothetical person could have used the following instead of "non-Folkish, non-Tribalist."

Fault Line: There is no one single phrase that sums up my ideas in this area. (They might then go on to explain what some key features are.)

Sure, it's longer, but it is an expression of thought pattern. This example shoes someone who defines themself by what they are, rather than by what they are not. In a way, defining ourselves by what we are is the more "Heathen" mindset. It is an expression of personal awareness, instead of abstraction from other things. But at the end of the day, what we are is a much smaller and more important list than what we are not. I can know more about a person by what they are than by what they are not. What a person is not tells me next to nothing about what they are.

It is for this reason I found it so sad. I read expressing oneself by what they are not as simplistic. It makes your existance relavtive to the existance of others. And it shows little examination of the self. To know who and what you are, rather than what you are not, is a sign of cognitive thought and deep intellect, not to mention awareness of the whole being that you are. Knowing what you are not leads to individuation. Knowing what you are makes you an individual.

As a side note, and not necessarily relevant to much of anything, some have described this as the first step of the magus in gaining a true grasp of reality and magical power. When we know what we are, we can command far more than when we are merely limited to what we are not."

I would like to stress this point again, to everyone. When we define ourselves by what we are not, we seek to justify ourselves by relation to all that is around us. When we define ourselves by what we are, we cease attempting to justify our existance and declair our right to exist. It is for this reason that personal affermations are written in the positive. When we say "I do not want to be sick" our mythic mind hears "I want sickness." In order to achieve that which we want, we must say "I want to be healthy." The mind will now hear "I want health." This is one of the primary principle of spiritual alchemy, I would also note. For those of a magical orientation, this is the first step (as I noted) to gaining any effective power. On a more mundane level, this is the first step towards a whole mental state.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2005|10:17 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists
Howdy, it's your friendly neighborhood "maintainer." I'm going to be deleting my journal, and while I realize that this community is not very.. er.. active, it does have members and a snazzy name, so I figured if anyone wanted to claim ownership of it -- just let me know and I'll give you maintainership. First come first serve and all that.
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Strangewire [Apr. 29th, 2005|05:18 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know about Strangewire.com, a blog for all things paranormal, supernatural, and the like from legitimate news sources. Unlike the type of sites and columns that deal in "wacky news"-style articles about goofy work mishaps and amusing medical malpractice, Strangewire attempts to deal with phenomena that are part of a bigger question, from strange lights in the sky in the south-west US, to a man with claims of a haunting in Australia, from zombies and voodoo practice in Haiti to global government conspiracies. Fox Mulder's favorite blog, in other words. Recent articles include headlines such as "FLESH CHUNKS IN IOWA WATER LINES" and "NEW JAPANESE GHOST DETECTOR FOR SALE."

Check out Strangwire.com, or just add the livejournal feed here to your friends list.

Nick, SW
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this place is dead, I don't care, i'm still posting every week from now on - Praise be to Allah [Feb. 25th, 2005|04:49 am]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

"The United Deist Church is a group of individuals from across the world who are dedicated to the spread of Deism, the concept of Equality and Freedom of speech, and granting to Deists the opportunity to participate in Religious community while not compromising the independence of Reason and thought that is the heart of Deism. We stand in opposition to the concept that you need someone else to tell you about God. God and his Creation are evident to human reason by studying the Universe. We reject the concept that you need a holy book to guide your belief in God. All you need is an ability to Reason, a desire to explore the Creation, and your own personal experiences." - http://www.uniteddeistchurch.org/

Enlightenment Time Baby - This is the longest read ever, so don't read it.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2005|07:20 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists

Down With Pop Occultism!Collapse )
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