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un_pc_occultist's Journal

Anti-Politically Correct Occultists
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A collection of occultists who care more about realism then hurting peoples feelings. No holds barred. Hopefully we'll try to be friendly, we'll just have little tolerance for fools.

We don't have any rules about posting. Or content. Or behavior. But if we don't like you, I'm sure you'll be unceremoniously booted. We'd love to insert more clever and witty banter here but unfortunately, we're neither clever, nor witty.

Main Entry: oc·cult·ism
Pronunciation: &-'k&l-"ti-z&m, ä-; 'ä-"k&l-
Function: noun
Date: 1881
: occult theory or practice : belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers
- oc·cult·ist /-tist/ noun

This is to illustrate that this is not a religious or spiritual based community. It's not pagan in orientation. While these are welcome topics for the occasional discussion, there are plenty of other communities with paganism as the main focus. Our main focus is occultism.

Challenge people. Ask questions. Express your opinions. Provoking people to think about their beliefs and experiences is a great way for an individual to strengthen their own convictions.