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Step Two Along the Path of the Magus [Sep. 4th, 2005|04:03 pm]
Anti-Politically Correct Occultists


Note: Again, this is cut whole clothe from my journal.

With my last post I made comments about what the first step towards magical power is, the lesson of self-actualization. In a discussion on this matter, walkingbear summed it up as such:

"Malkuth is the sphere of self realization and self claming. You *must* take the positive step into Malkuth in order to grow as a magician, mystic or priest. Without that first, responsible, self claiming step, you can never be more than a spiritual child. Malkuth is the 10th seperoth and is the gateway to the tree. It's at the base. outside of malkuth is the klepothic pit, or realm of chaos and disorder. Anotehr way of looking at the klepoth is a realm of undefined life. That of the maleable, unformed, unexamined child. That of pure potential but no guiding influence or drive."

From here we progress to a point where modern society limits a great deal of potential. Language is the great limitation for people. You see, we live in an age where connotative use is more important than denotative meaning. The truth, however, is words are power but the why of this is often forgotten. Words are power because they have a specific meaning. Words are an expression of a concept, and it is through concepts that we understand the world around us. The very act of will working is the imposition of concept. To impose our will is to impose our vision of a concept. When we do not command the language we use, we are unable to declair our will.

[User Picture]From: kizzie
2005-09-05 08:11 am (UTC)
Malkuth sounds very much like the "thing at the edge of creation that we keep at bay" that every society has in thier creation myths...

How would this relate with different languages though? or is it mearly the expression of something that is important?
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[User Picture]From: mister_bitters
2005-09-05 11:22 am (UTC)
Honestly, my understanding of the Qabalistic system is next to nothing, so I can't really comment on it. What I can say, based on several discussions with him, is that Malkuth is the first step towards spiritual development. As best as I can tell, it is simplisticly summed up as "the examined life." If the klepothic pit is the realm of the child, the realm of potential but no direction, then Malkuth is self-awareness that all mages must undergo in order state precisely that you are a person and can prove it. It is, in effect, another way of stating the universal truth that until you act, you are not truly a person.

As for other languages, it really doesn't matter which you speak. The language itself is not as important as the mastery of it and the concepts there in. Language, of course, is going to influence greatly the way we think, but the language itself need not be a specific language. What is required of the magus is mastery of their language. Mastery of other languages (an even more difficult task) only leads to furth capacity for understanding concepts and manipulating those concepts for the purposes of will working.
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